Rock Noc 30.10.2022 r g.22.00

Rock Noc 30.10.2022 r g.22.00
I co tu wybrać na sobotnią Rock Noc ? Zapraszam do słuchania od godz.22.00 - Polskie Radio Rzeszów !

Lista utworów: 

Budgie: Working Man, Here Again
Judas Priest: Desert Plains, Solar Angels
Andrzej Citowicz: Mirrors Lie
KSU: Dziwne drzewa, Wojna niewojna
R.E.M.: Drive, Man On The Moon
Sisters Of Mercy: Vision Thing, This Corrosion
Collage: What About The Pain
OBRASQUI: Świt co znajdzie głos
Pixies: No Matter Day, Vault Of Heaven, Doggerel
The Beatles: Taxman
Camel: Three Wishes, Rejaz, Lawrence

Po północy:

Richard Wright "Wet Dream"

1. "Mediterranean C"
2. "Against the Odds"
3. "Cat Cruise"
4. "Summer Elegy"
5. "Waves"
6. "Holiday"
7. "Mad Yannis Dance"
8. "Drop In From the Top"
9. "Pink's Song"
10. "Funky Deux"

"Broken China"

"Breaking Water"
"Night of a Thousand Furry Toys"
"Hidden Fear"


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