Rock Radio 08.07.2020 r. g.19.08

"Riders On The Storm" zabrzmi w środę w wykonaniu Joe Lynn Turnera z płyty "A Tribute To Jim Morrison & The Doors". Gościem audycji będzie rzeszowski muzyk Rafa Iwiński. 

Lista utworów:

Ennio Morricone: The Ecstasy Of Gold
Metallica: No Leaf Clover
Leslie West: Roadhouse Blues
The Beatales: Back In The U.S.S.R.
Courtney Love: All The Drugs
The Wite Stripes: Seven Nation Army
Rush: The Camera Eye
Ian Gillan & Rick Wakeman: Light My Fire

Joe Lynn Turner: Riders On The Storm
Rafa Identity: Beauty In The Dream, Yellow Boat, Too Good
Uriah Heep: July Morning
Pat Travers: The End
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Rock Noc 04.07.2020 r g.22.00

Rock Noc sobota 4.07.2020 godz. 22.00. Cztery strony winyli, AnVision, Internal Quiet oraz Budgie i Jethro Tull z CD. Zapraszam - Polskie Radio Rzeszów.

Lista utworów:

Budgie: Annie Neggen, If I Were Brittania I'd Waive The Rules, Quacktors And Bureaucats, Sky High Percentage, Black Velvet Stallion

AC/DC (winyl):
Shoot To Thrill
Rock "N' Roll Damnation
Gus For Hire
Cold Hearted Man
Back In Black
If You Want Blood
Evil Walks

Anvision (winyl):
Love And Hate
Homeless Heart
Lovely Day To Die

Jethro Tull: Living In The Past

Internal Quiet (winyl):
When The Rain Comes...
Chase Your Dreams
So Cold

This Mortal Coil "Blood"

The Lacemaker
Mr. Somewhere
With Tomorrow
Loose Joints
You and Your Sister
Nature's Way
I Come and Stand at Every Door
Baby Ray Baby
Several Times
The Lacemaker II
Late Night
Ruddy and Wretched
Help Me Lift You Up
Carolyn's Song
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Rock Radio 01.07.2020 r g.19.08

Rock Radio - środa 1 lipca z winyla Whitesnake a z CD koncertowy Depeche Mode. 

Lista utworów: 

Whitesnake "The Rock Album" wersja winylowa

Still Of The Night
Best Years
Tell Me Now
Love Ain't No Stranger

Izzy And The Black Trees: Trust No One, Mr. President
CF98: Dead Inside, Pink, Oh Boy
Deep Purple "Smoke On The Water"  (Live at Montreux 2006)

Depeche Mode "Live Spirits"

Going Backwards
It's No Good
Airbag: Megalomaniac
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Rock Noc 27.06.2020 g.22.00

Zapraszam w sobotę 27 czerwca na cztery strony winyli w audycji Rock Noc - start godz.22.00 Polskie Radio Rzeszów.

Lista utworów:

YES: State Of Mind
Steve Howe & Jon Anderson : Sad Eyed Lady Of The Lowlands
Saxon - winyl:
1. „Procession”
2. „Sacrifice”
3. „Made in Belfast”
4. „Warriors of the Road”
5. „Guardians of the Tomb”
Robert Plant – winyl:
1. "Burning Down One Side"
2. "Moonlight in Samosa"
3. "Pledge Pin"
4. "Slow Dancer"
Rick Wakenman: Merlin The Magician
Believe – winyl: III,IV
1984 – winyl:
1. Nowy styl (zakazane praktyki)
2. Hipernowa to ja
3. Głębia w której się pogrążam
4. Piękny jest świat (nieznany czas)
5. Ogień (który we mnie płonie)
Cocteaut Twins „Head Over Heels”

1 When Mama Was Moth
2 Five Ten Fiftyfold
3 Sugar Hiccup
4 In Our Angelhood
5 Glass Candle Grenades
6 In The Gold Dust Rush
7 The Tinderbox (Of A Heart)
8 Multifoiled
9 My Love Paramour
10 Musette And Drums
Sunburst And Snowblind
11 Sugar Hiccup
12 From The Flagstones
13 Hitherto
14 Because Of Whirl-Jack
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Rock Radio 24.06.2020 r g. 19.08

Takie dwa tematy dziś w audycji Rock Radio... grane z porządnych nośników dźwięku...zapraszam godz. 19.08 Polskie Radio Rzeszów.

Lista utworów:

Airbag: A Day At The Beach (Part 1), Machines And Men, Into The Unknown, Megalomaniac
Jeff Beck: Earthquake, Dirty Mind, Rollin' And Tumblin, Nadia
Public Service Broadcasting:Go To The Road, Turn No More, They Gave Me A Lamp
Tribute To Whitesnake: Slow And Easy
Paradise Lost: Fall From Grace, Ghost, Serenity
Saxon: Broken Heroes
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Rock Noc 20.06.2020 g.22.00

Sobotnia Rock Noc startuje o godz.22.00 (20.06.2020) w Polskim Radiu Rzeszów. zapowiada ją to zdjęcie, dodam tylko że zadzwonię też do Mielca gdzie działa artysta o ksywie T.Day.

Lista utworów:

Tiamat: Wildhoney, Whatever That Hurts, Gaia, A Pocket Size Sun
Lynyrd Skynyrd: Simple Man, Truck Drivin' Man, One In The Sun
Wojciech Hoffman: Centimeter Of Time, Behind The Windows
T.Day: Rock And Roll Machine, Puste słowa
Rory Gallagher: Cradle Rock, Livin' Like A Trucker, Who's That Coming, A Million Miles Away
Rory Gallagher (live): I Could've Had Reigion, In Your Town

Flying Colors:

Last Train Home
You Are Not Alone
Crawl (instrumental)
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